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Announcement: Gold Coast Shade Sails By Sailworx

Sailworx and Shades is a Gold Coast Shade Sails Company owned and run by Tony and Sharon Chard, builders of commercial shade sails on the Gold Coast for 25 years, domestic shade sails, including  car port shade sails  for your Gold Coast home, swimming pool shade sails and patio shade sails anywhere on the Gold Coast and as far north as Brisbane and south to Northern NSW.

Tony’s BSA Licence Number is 708488, assuring you of quality Gold Coast Shade Sails.  His clients include Seaworld (see below), Schools, Cafes and Private Homes.

An Overview of some of our Gold Coast Shade Sails:

School Shade Sails, Gold Coast

Tony installed these school shade sails over the children’s playground at the TSS Primary School in Southport. 

School shade sails on the Gold Coast are ideal for protecting children from the harmful UV rays of our Queensland climate, while at the same time providing a safe open environment to play in.

School Shade Sails Gold Coast

These School Shade Sails will block up to 98% of all UV rays, protecting children from excessive UV exposure.  In addition they also protect the playground equipment from getting too hot to play on, or deteriorating from the impact of the sun’s rays.

If protecting school children from our harsh Queensland sun is important, what price a Preschool Shade Sail ?  The younger our children, the more sensitive their skin to UV rays, and the more we need to protect them.

You can contact Sharon or Tony by phone on (07) 5530 5596 or by Mobile on 0417 144 582 to get a free School Shade Sails Quote. The email for Sailworx is